About me

Becca's Artsy Corner was established in 2014 by Becca Lim, an award-winning self-taught and multi-media artist. Becca  graduated from the University of Liverpool with a LL.B (Hons).  Becca started creating art when she was younger but started using her mom's leftover nail polishes to paint when she was a teenager.  She uses a mix of mediums like nail polish, acrylic paint, gouache paint, water color paint and paints her artworks in an abstract expressionism style incorporating colors, shapes and nature as her main painting inspiration. 

Since then, Becca has won several international art awards and competitions such as the My Liverpool Art 2019, University of Liverpool Christmas Card Competition 2017, and her design was chosen as the trophy design for the University of Liverpool's Alumni Event.  Becca has also collaborated with multinational brands such as Staedtler, The Body Shop, Polka Dot Nail Polish by Splassh, Pentel, organizations such as Thabarwa Center Burma, as well as the University of Liverpool

Apart from painting, Becca enjoys designing and this inspired the creation of Rach∞Becca, an eco-friendly handbag brand

Becca has been featured in several international magazines such as Twist Magazine USA, YAYOMG USA and Hej! Magazin Germany.

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For collaborations, please email beccasartsycorner.sales@gmail.com