Magazines & Interviews

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom (2022)
Hashtag.mk, Macedonia (2019)"Young and Talented: She draws world-famous stars with nail polish"
HEJ! Magazin, Germany (2019)"Fantastic: She draws our favourite stars with nail polish"
YAYOMG, USA (2018)"Meet Rebecca Lim, the Teen Artist Behind Becca's Artsy Corner"
Teenplicity, USA (2017)"The 'Fan Spotlight' shines on Rebecca"
SvetPlus, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2017)"New art: She draws the biggest stars with nail polish!"
YSBnow, USA  (2017)"This 'Decscendants 2' Fan Art will get you so hyped for the movie"
Twist, USA  (2016)"So Amazing: This Talented Artist Paints Your Favourite Celebs Using Nail Polish"
Twist, USA  (2016)Video Feature
Jezuba, USA  (2019)

Other Features

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becca's artsy corner tribal backpack feature by University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool (2022)

University of Liverpool (2017)

Awesomeness TV (2017)

advertisement feature by sharpie

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Liverpool Echo Newspaper (2019)

nail polish eye of the tiger art feature on turn it around!

Turn It Around! (2023)

Super Teen (2021)

Artline (2017)