Teenplicity (2017)

The 'Fan Spotlight' shines on Rebecca

"One of the greatest things about art is its lack of restrictions overall. While some mediums or styles have guidelines, there’s no strict rules or ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ when it comes to expressing oneself. Some people use music or writing while others use a brush or a pencil to let their creativity flow. For Rebecca, she looks beyond the tools usually at her fingertips to create her art.

Best known on Instagram as ‘beccasartsycorner’, the 18-year-old got recognition due to her paintings of her favorite celebrities. However, they weren’t just any paintings – they were done with nail polish.

Although she’s been drawing since pre-school, Rebecca has only been creating nail polish art for around four years. “First, I either use acrylic paint/mural paint as the background,” she says, describing the process for each piece. “After adding layers and layers of colors using either nail polish, watercolor, or acrylic paint, I will finish the artwork with a final touch of nail polishes.”"