Since 2014, Becca has been collaborating with Thabarwa Centre. Becca collaborated with Thabarwa and created a collection of badges, tote bags, tees and more. 60% of profits made were donated back to Thabarwa Centre.

About Thabarwa Centre

Thabarwa (which means 'nature' in Burmese) Centre is a sanctuary for persons from all regions of Myanmar who seek refuge, care, and attention and desire to practice meditation. The center provides sanctuary for more than 4,425 yogis (as of August 2021) including the aged, sick, infirm, blind, deaf, disabled, homeless, helpless, and mental cases. Thabarwa also has centres around the world in countries such as USA, UK, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Italy, Bangkok and many more. 

Tote Bags

Bookmarks, Badges

Paintings, Clay Sculpture 

Tees, Face Masks